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All Senses Engaged in Flower Arranging Class

Posted on February 11th, 2020

By Barbara Sutherland

Residents got a taste (and smell and feel and touch) of spring in the depths of winter at Hawthorne on January 21. Working with the roses, mums, Alstroemeria, and greenery was therapeutic for participants and a delight for those who got to enjoy the beautiful creations.

Flower Arranging 'Therapy'

As a Recreation Therapist, Dawn Robinson is always aware of the therapeutic benefits of activities, including those of her recent flower arranging class. It’s amazing that something as simple and peaceful as arranging flowers can check so many therapeutic boxes.

Benefits Besides Being Fun

Here is Dawn’s list of the benefits of flower arranging, “besides being fun.”

  • It fosters inclusivity as it can be done by anyone of any ability.

  • It improves manual dexterity, as cutting and arranging flowers can give fingers, thumbs and hands a gentle ‘workout’.

  • It lifts spirits. Studies have shown that flowers are a natural way to boost mood and combat depression.

  • It promotes socialization. Residents shared ideas, tips and many compliments to each other.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety. Flowers stimulate the senses of smell, sight and touch and in doing so can also trigger memories, encourage reminiscing and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.