Community Roots Program

Posted on December 15th, 2023

The Cochrane Activettes are to be the co-benefactor of Hawthorne's Community Roots Program for December 2023!

Through the Two Pharmacy Community Roots program, we commit to donating a percentage of sales through the till for the month of December 2023 to the Cochrane Activettes and Hawthorne's DrumFit Program.We hope that you will encourage your residents, supporters, team, and volunteers to support us throughout the month leading to the largest donation possible.

To aid in this, we have setup two specific ways for you all to show their support:

1. Shop Online and use the the discount code HAWTHORNE to save 10% on your entire purchase for the month of December, or use the following link:

2. Transfer your prescriptions

The entire premise behind the 'Two' in Two Pharmacy is that with every transaction, two people's health will benefit: yours and someone in need. Now more than ever we want to focus our attention locally and help nurture the roots of our community.

In nature, it is a tree's roots that provide the nutrients and minerals it needs to survive. The roots of one tree then subsequently provide support to the surrounding soil. One root system can have far reaching impacts for the health of the forest. And with more roots from a variety of plants the forest flourishes and creates a beautiful, diverse ecosystem. We want to help support more roots, and grow a stronger more diverse community. We know we are stronger together.